Tori Rose: Founder and CEO of Iamtorirose Merchandise.

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About the Merch

Founded in 2018: IAMTORIROSE began as a creative project, to give my friends and loyal followers something to be apart of, that was more than just photos. I decided to incorporate ideas where I drew inspiration from the things that have heavily influenced my life and made me who I am.

The whole ideology behind ‘I AM’, is that what you think, you become. Thoughts are powerful. Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s creating yourself’.
There is a story behind every design, uniquely designed by myself. I am so proud of my designs, I decided to put my name on them. It is simply my way of sharing a part of me with you. I am so glad that you can be a part of my life journey, and I can be a part of yours.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself -TR💚