More About The Merch

Elaborating on what I’ve stated on the Homepage; essentially I never intended ‘The Merch’ to be anything more than just a fun, creative, project. I got so fed up of paying good money in high street stores, for things to be washed 2-3 times, and for the garments to lose their shape, or shrink. I also had issues where the design would fade, or
 the fabric would look so worn, they were only really liable to wear to bed. I wanted to put an end to this, and as the saying goes: ‘If you want something doing properly, do it yourself’.

I researched an extensive amount of fabrics, and suppliers. I then began testing out various printing techniques; both screen and vinyl printing. I preferred vinyl. However, the designs may not be able to incorporate the level of detail as a screen print, I found the simplicity and minimalism enough to create an ,edgy flare’ that resonates with me as an individual, and allowed room for further personalisation from customers. Another vital component for me was ensuring quality and value for money, and the vinyl prints didn’t crack or lose their vibrancy so easily, and proved to be much more durable than most screenprints.

The inspiration behind the logo is simply my initials and a skull. I chose a skull due to it’s affiliation with the Heavy Metal music genre. I also love the concept that a skull has no age, gender, nationality, sexuality or race, which aligns with my own values, as I have a no tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind.

I am strongly against preconceived ideas, and unfair prejudice. After being a victim of discrimination on countless occasions,  l felt, no tolerance for discrimination, should be a key concept within my merchandising. I’m sure this is something that will resonate with you as an individual also, especially if you were different to the societal norms growing up, and walked your own path.

All my designs have been created by me. Inspired by life experiences, under each garment, I’ve included a little ‘story’ behind the design. I do everything single-handedly, from the design work, to hand-sewing the labels, and shipping. 

I am so proud of my designs and the premium quality of the garments and prints. I felt compelled to put my name on them. If you would like a custom order, or design please get in touch via email, or Instagram.

This is my way of giving you a piece of me; my art, and something we can all be apart of. Thank you to everyone who’s purchased, encouraged and supported me, to the point I’ve had to make a website. I can’t thank you enough for putting your trust in me and my garments. 

I am always working on new designs and new ideas so watch this space! 

Love always 

Tori Rose 💚